Throughout time, images have been used on the walls of homes, of businesses and public areas to create atmosphere and convey individual personality: pictures that evoke our environment and lifestyle, create awareness and recall memories while at the same time bring pleasure to the viewer and a life dimension to the space they occupy.


Bring Life to Space

Walking around in a pleasant retail or public environment, decorated with purpose and stylish decor brings with it relaxation and calm for those who both work there or are visiting. John Ironside can help you create this ambience with his personal, original and unique imagery.

Wallpaper murals create the “WOW” factor, while strategically place Art Pieces will fashion focal points and perhaps evoke mood and reaction.

Image Serendipity has installed many creative designs in businesses and homes in many parts of the world.

Contact John Ironside mow and chat about what you would like your walls to say.

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Bring Beauty Inside

We have become more sophisticated in our home designs from the simple structure to contemporary masterpieces in architecture.

Why stop there.

For the home-maker, we have a range of images that convey mood, colour and texture for all possible spaces. All our images can be tailored to your specific requirements.

John Ironside is here to offer his experience and advice and to assist you in achieving your visual objectives.

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