Throughout time, images have been used on the walls of homes, of businesses and public areas to create atmosphere and convey individual personality: pictures that evoke our environment and lifestyle, create awareness and recall memories while at the same time bring pleasure to the viewer and a life dimension to the space they occupy.

The use of wall art will aide you in creating a custom environment that will lead to the desired mood and ambience whilst reflecting your own individual vision to create a bespoke space. The use of beautifully framed pictures with unique content adds to the quality of the overall décor, while impressive large wall murals create a striking impact with unwavering memorability.

Inspiring Wall Art
Unique, personal imagery
Unification of colour and design
Creates atmosphere, a visual experience
Personalisation and personal expression
Bring harmony throughout the space
Enjoyable visitor experience
Create focal points


Commercial Installation - Rosslare Harbour Life Boat at Tusker Rock Lighthouse, Ireland. John Ironsider

Walking around in a pleasant retail or public environment, decorated with purpose and stylish decor brings with it relaxation and calm for those who both work there or are visiting.

John Ironside can help you create this ambience with his personal, original and unique imagery. Wall Murals create the “WOW” factor, while strategically place Art Pieces will fashion focal points and evoke mood and reaction.


From our collection of personal images, a wide dynamic of colour and design can be utilised to create a pleasant atmosphere to enrich visitor experience.

John Ironside’s experience in visualising and preparation of his personal imagery will help you create your space and the personalised atmosphere you wish for your clients enjoyment.


Bedroom Installation

We have become more sophisticated in our home designs from humble structures to modern design masterpieces in architecture. To help the “Home Maker” create a unique space that will reflect their own personalities through our private collection of original images.

To complement these designs John Ironside provides unique imagery, not only as standard  art pieces, but also as individually tailored pieces to complement and enhance your space.

Our Bespoke Customised Wall Art is a customised service supplying images purposely designed as wall features. Following consultation with our clients we create pictures, utilising our extensive library, with specific and unique content, producing finished imagery as framed pictures, full wall murals and wallpapers.

Visit Image Serendipity’s on-line shop from where you can buy photo Décor pictures for home, office and commercial venues from our extensive library of images.