John Ironside, a renowned photographer, whose love of nature has given him an appreciation of the colours, textures and architecture that can be found in the natural world. Throughout his career he has amassed an extensive body of work, a library of images which he continues to add to.

The collections he has created from this library of work, offer clients a variety and choice of picture to suit their individual needs. John prides himself on his professionalism, the quality of the work he provides and his attention to detail.

These images are the raw materials from which he creates his unique “works”. Architectural shapes that inspire the imagination, exotic colours in nature, textures that evoke a second look, all combine to share with you the emotion he experienced while capturing these jewels in nature.

Image Serendipity is a small bespoke business providing photographic imagery and Décor concept advice to the Home Maker, Business and Public Organizations.

Our Bespoke Décor is a customised service supplying images purposely designed as wall features. Following consultation with our clients we create pictures with specific and unique content, utilising our extensive library, producing finished imagery as framed pictures, full wall murals and wallpapers.

From Image Serendipity’s on-line shop from where you can buy photo Décor pictures for home, office and commercial venues from our extensive library of images we have assembled various themed collections for you to choose from.

Our Experience
John Ironside has been involved in the photographic industry for over forty years and in this time has provided visual solutions for many clients in the business and domestic sectors. With this invaluable experience, we will assist you in concepts, incorporating our unique imagery into your designs and will manage production and installations as needed.

We have installed many creative designs in businesses and homes in many parts of the world. Contact John Ironside now and chat about what you would like your walls to say.

We carry out installations in a number of environments including hotels, restaurants, public places, offices, retail space as well as private homes.

 How can I help you
John Ironside is on the end of the phone. It costs nothing to chat about what you want your space to be. You may find out that there are far more possibilities than you have imagined. Please feel free to call me or contact me through my “contact” page. Look forward to hearing from you.

Our Products and Services overview

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